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COVID-19 created an unprecedented challenge

Managed Print + Mail is an unprecedented solution


EDU Bulk Printing

per b/w double sided page
  • Cheapest available rate
  • Net 15 or Net 30 invoicing
  • Optional full color printing
  • Reach a single student or entire class
  • No-profit delivery

EDU OpenStax

per copy
  • Net 15 or Net 30 invoicing
  • Full color cover, b/w text
  • Unbound, binder ready
  • Delivery included
price for Business Law Essentials

Bulk Printing

per b/w double sided page
  • Survive the printer shortage
  • Get documents to remote workers
  • Optional full color printing
  • Cost plus delivery


This project is being done as a public service. To ensure the best allocation of scarce resources and to comply with applicable state laws the following requirements you or your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • To receive EDU pricing you must represent an accredited (or similar) public educational institution.
  • EDU pricing customers must have a sales tax exception for their home state. Organizations outside New York State, but requesting prints sent into New York State, must have sales tax exemptions for both their home state as well as New York State.
  • Commercial pricing customers must be located outside New York State or have a valid sales tax exemption.
  • A memorandum of understanding must be signed before FERPA sensative material is printed + mailed.
  • No prints can be shipped into Kansas.

I will try to be flexible. If you have any questions about these requirements please contact me.